What is Digital Smile Design?
Thanks to the advanced computer technology, we can show you the result even before starting the procedure using digital measurement technics.
Then, all depends on your decision in order to have the most beautiful smile in the world within 1 day.

How long does Digital Smile Design take?
Depending on your wishes and needs, it can be completed in 1 or 2 visits. Average duration is 24 hours.
Now, it is possible to have the most beautiful smile in the world in just 1 day!
You will also be involved in the process as the ‘co-designer’ of your own treatment by sharing your objectives, expressing your desires and expectations. Finally, you can approve on the digital environment, the teeth designed according to the golden ratio of your face.
You can make your decision after seeing the result from the beginning, without touching your teeth.

Free “Specialis” Treatment…
Warranty Certificate After Treatment… 
Accelerated “Priority” Treatment…
Free VIP Transfer…
7/24 Dedicated Staff…
Free Translator Support…
Best Specialists, Best Treatment, 
Best Price Warranty...
Am I a good candidate for Digital Smile Design?
As this is a custom application, you’ll certainly be proposed the best option for you.  For this, you should necessarily make an appointment with a competent dentist.

Is there any risk?
When performed by our trained and experienced dentists, there is no risk.       

Is anesthesia possible?
Either local or general anesthesia is possible.

What should I consider while deciding?
Beauty is too important to be entrusted to anyone. The most important thing you should pay attention to is a competent dentist and qualified team.
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